/join us on 3rd and 4th July for the inauguration of Modigliana Agro-Urban Trails, the excursion network that allows you to explore our territory thanks to over 180km of trails and paths, all starting from the town centre and surrounded by wild nature, tastings, and gigs. a genuine permanent exhibition of the territory. 

/3 July: from sunrise to sunset

Join us on 3rd July to discover the wild landscapes of “Monte del Tesoro” (Treasure Mount) through a sunrise trek organised by the Faenza CAI Section (Modigliana Group). The trek includes a break at Agriturismo Santa Reparata for a snack and animated readings before returning to Modigliana via the Strada del Sole. Tastings and art exhibitions will follow. 

On the trail
05:30> Sunrise trek to discover the wild landscapes of Monte del Tesoro. Departure on foot from Piazza Matteotti. Organised by the Faenza CAI Section (Modigliana Group). 
13 km – 600m altitude difference – 4 hours

09:30–10:30> Break with a snack at Agriturismo Santa Reparata. Booking required (call 0546942302).

Animated readings in the open air museum “Il Cantico delle Creature” at St Reparata’s Church by Alberta Tedioli.

09:00-10:30> Free shuttle bus to St Reparata’s Church and Farmhouse from Piazza Cesare Battisti (for those who want to walk only half of the path, be it the first or second part).

10:30> Panoramic trek on the Anello del Sole, from St Reparata’s Church to Piazza Matteotti. Organised by the Faenza CAI Section (Modigliana Group).
10 km – 400m altitude difference – 3.5 hours

12:30> Break and packed lunch among the vineyards at Monte Pompegno and return to Modigliana.

A short walk from the centre and on the Anello del Sole
16:00> Tasting in the winery at Torre San Martino, at the former Convent of the Capuchin Friars. 
Booking required (call 056940102 or email info@torre1922.it).

In town
08:00–12:00> Km0 Market in Via Garibaldi, in the market area.

10:00–12:00> Discover the interactive guide to monuments with the youth council and information point in the market area.

18:00> Inauguration of the Art Space of the Municipal Library and the association Ics Fectori Art in Piazza Matteotti.

19:00> Inauguration of the exhibition Selva molle, by Chiara Lecca and Nicola Samorì, curated by Sabrina Samorì. The exhibition will present unpublished works by both artists during Dante’s year. This is a parallel event to the Dante exhibition at the Musei San Domenico in Forlì, organised by the Accademia degli Incamminati and the Municipality of Modigliana. Sala Pietro Alpi, Piazza Pretorio.

In the wilderness
Pack the following in your backpack: comfortable shoes, water bottle, hat, and small snacks.

In nature
Remember that nature is our heritage and it is our duty to protect and safeguard it.
Respect the paths marked by the signs, especially when crossing private properties.

/4 July: experimental reserve 

Join us on 4th July to discover the Montebello experimental reserve, a 320–hectare woodland owned by the Municipality of Modigliana. This unique and singular heritage was created in the 1950s as part of a national project for experimental purposes on woodland cultivation and it counts many different types of trees from all over the world.

On the trail
10:00–18:00> Experimental Reserve – three artists, Clarulecis, Giacomo Cossio and Verter Turroni will create works of Land Art at three stops along the trail, creating new relationships between nature and image. They will be accompanied by musical performances by Bevano Est, Horseloverfat + Alimah Grasso, AGEA Project 4tet and Fry Moneti and Gianluca Spirito in collaboration with Strade Blu. You can discover their art works on foot or by bike, in an hour and a half or over the whole day. 
Distance: 4.76 km – Duration: 1.5 hours

Main area
10:00–18:00> Wellness area with Decathlon Faenza and Martin Flamigni Trainer | Km0 market: with local producers from the area | Wild herbs and refreshment area organised by Abbraccio Verde.

Holistic area organised by Emozioni di Sale – sound therapy, reiki sessions, readings with children, relaxing treatments, kinesiology, group massages, and quantum yoga.

11:00> “Colori intorno a me” – Workshop for children (3–7 y/o) with Chiara Laghi.
Booking required (WhatsApp 3200346461).

12:00-14:00> Wild herb lunch by Abbraccio Verde. Booking required (call 3487932892).

A few steps from Montebello
10:00–18:00> Tastings in the winery of Villa Papiano. Booking required (call 3381041271).

How to reach Montebello
Free shuttle bus from Viaggi Erbaggi sponsored by Conad Modigliana. Departure from Piazza Matteotti. Return trip from 9:00 to 19:00.

Book e-bikes
(for a fee) from the Cooperativa Trasporti di Riolo Terme. Booking required (call 054671028) before noon on 1st July. Collection in Piazza Matteotti.

On foot or by bike
From Modigliana: CAI trail 574
From Rocca S. Casciano: CAI trails 431-431A
From San Valentino: CAI trails 573-553-574A

It is not possible to reach the reserve by car.

While you are waiting for the shuttle bus or on your way back to the centre:

  • Buy your picnic basket at Antichi Sapori.
  • Visit the Don Giovanni Verità Civic Museum and the Silvestro Lega Art Gallery.
  • Discover Modigliana through QR codes.
  • Visit the exhibition “Selva Molle” by Nicola Samorì and Chiara Lecca curated by Sabrina Samorì. Sala Pietro Alpi in Piazza Pretorio.
  • Visit the Spazio d’Arte organised by the Ics Fectori Art association in Piazza Matteotti.